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On Site Environmental Health Checks

Continual Improvement Of Green Space

Project Conceptualisation & Implementation

Plants & Furnishings

Indoor Potted Plantings

Moss Wall Panels & Living Walls

Bespoke Natural Fixtures & Furnishings

Natural Art

Centre Pieces & Habitats

Nature Inspired Centre Pieces

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Paludarium & Exotic Animal Habitats

Environmental Health Checks

The environment in the workspace is a crucial resource to the success of your business.
Our environmental health checks cover the environmental criteria that are not traditionally included in standard HSE audits.

These include lighting, humidity, temperature and green space.

Our comprehensive reports provide actionable advice that can provide positive outcomes.

Continual Improvement Of Green Space

Implementing nature, biophilic design and green space into your environment is ever-changing. We provide support for continuous improvement.

To find out how we can help you to continue on the journey that you have already started, book your appointment below.

Project Conceptualisation & Implementation

At Tiny Jungle we can help you to bring your biophilic dreams and ideas to life.

There is nothing more exciting to us than that ‘crazy idea’, so why not get in touch.

Indoor Potted Plants

Potted plants are a powerful resource that can be easily introduced into almost any space.

We offer a wide variety of potted plants to suit all requirements.

Biophilic Wall Panels, Moss Wall Panels & Living Walls

From zero maintanence nature inspired biophilic wall panels to low maintenance moss walls to awe-inspiring living walls we can help you to find the perfect vertical solution. 

Bespoke Natural Fixtures & Furnishings

Are you looking for something special to set your space apart from the others?

We’re able to create bespoke fixtures and furnishings inspired by and containing nature.