Tiny Jungle: the birth of a business


So how does a business like Tiny Jungle get going? Why do I do this?

Well, it’s been a bumpy road so far with many ups and downs, twists and turns. But it all began with a crash…



For many years I worked my butt off in the logistics department of a multi-national company. Finding time to hold a meeting without disruption? Innovating? Being able to have lunch in peace? Ha, what a joke! The stress of it left me feeling burnt out with no energy left for life.

On top of that, even my hobbies – the things I enjoy and wanted to spend time doing – caused me further strain. I’ve always loved nature, conservation and simplicity, but human progression, complex systems, innovation and technology are great too.

Yet how could Cave Sean, whose ancestors evolved slowly and simply outdoors, survive in today’s fast-paced world? How could he thrive in the chaos that is modern life? I needed time to work these things out.

Fortunately, I had a total mental collapse…


Signed off from work, on medication, with doctors and loved ones doing everything they could to help me come back from the abyss. What was I going to do?

Weeks passed, then months. And finally, with time to chill out, I began to emerge. I had time for life again and started being productive in my new ‘no work, just recover’ world. I was able to focus on my passion for the natural world rather than just work, work, work. And with time to think I could address my conflicting interests. The cogs began to whirr…

How can we please our inner cave person and embrace the modern world? Will the two somehow cancel each other out to become calm like waves colliding from opposite directions? And is it worth the effort of trying to make it happen?

The answers, I believe, are yes, yes and yes.

New beginnings

To keep improving and prospering I needed to shape my own world – not let others dictate it for me. My passion for the natural world and engaging in my hobbies with a new perspective became part of my recovery. This was the starting point for something completely different, including my future employment.

So Tiny Jungle began.

While my burnout experience wasn’t pleasant, I’m glad it happened because I got the chance to reconnect with nature and simplicity. This helped me survive, thrive and grow. So why wouldn’t it help you too?

With Tiny Jungle I can help you (and your employees) embrace the power of nature to become healthier, happier and more productive at work. When you’re flourishing and growing, your business will thrive naturally too.


Have you experienced nature’s healing power? How do you use the natural world to enhance your health and wellbeing? Do you want to make changes to improve your workplace wellbeing? Please leave a comment – I’m very happy to help.